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ChatGPT eats Sustainability for breakfast

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sustainability reporting - key learnings

What you will learn:

  • How ChatGPT and related AI technology will revolutionize how your stakeholders analyse your sustainability strategy and performance.

  • How ChatGPT/AI can put your organisation at a strategic advantage relative to your competitors and ESG investors.

  • How ChatGPT/AI will transform how you engage with stakeholders and helping them find and use the essential KPIs of your transition to sustainable business.

sustainability reporting - hands on computer

Easy learning from early adopter use-cases:

  • Learn from best-practice research.

  • Learn the fastest AI adoption strategy.

  • Learn how to lead with AI technology.

Skills you will gain: The ability to assess how ChatGPT and related AI technology will impact your sustainable business strategy and stakeholder engagement in the short run and long-term.

sustainability reporting - learnings, modules

Course modules in detail:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT for Executives:
    Depending on what you already know about ChatGPT, we dive in to deepen your understanding of the transformational and revolutionary nature of this disruptive new technology for business

  • ChatGPT demo of executive use-cases:
    As an executive, you need specific evidence about the potential and impact of GPT technology.

  • ChatGPT for a research project into sustainability reporting:
    As an executive, you are well aware of the flaws of your sustainability disclosures and how those flaws impact your stakeholder’s ability to assess the sustainability opportunities and risks of your organization.

  • ChatGPT and sustainability skills:
    Skills are crucial when it comes to both AI and sustainability. The interdisciplinary skills will prove to be both the hardest to obtain and develop as well as the most strategic.

  • ChatGPT and ESG data management:
    Sustainability data management is generally considered a major obstacle to better sustainability performance. ChatGPT and AI technology will rapidly evolve to become instrumental in addressing current obstacles.

  • ChatGPT and sustainability reporting:

  • ChatGPT and stakeholders engagement:

  • ChatGPT research project recommendations:

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