Initially there has been a change in consciousness both among companies and customers, who want companies to be sustainable. Additionally there is an increasing pressure from legislators to encourage companies to act sustainably.

Jobs in sustainability management and sustainability reporting are becoming increasingly important.

Since the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations (UN) at the latest states that our economy must become more sustainable in all areas, sustainable jobs become increasingly important. Sustainable jobs are defined as occupations that aim to maintain or restore environmental quality. Sustainable jobs will be in demand in the near and further future. So there will be plenty happening in the green job market in the coming years.


Companies already have a department that takes care of the company’s sustainability.

More and more large companies and international corporations are taking a close look at the issue of sustainability. Corporate social responsibility is already a common term and many large companies have a department that takes care of the company’s sustainability.

As a result, job descriptions such as  a sustainability manager are emerging, which deals with the company’s social responsibility. Or a Chief Sustainability Officer, who while working with stakeholders, future-proofs the organization. That person brings vision to the leadership team and is thus at the forefront of shaping the organizational change that is still needed for a sustainable and successful future.


With your sustainability skills, you can make a difference.

Not only will reporting about sustainability be beneficial for the company you work for, but also for your personal development. It might require a modest investment. But think of all the great things it will bring you. For example:

  • You will learn more about the basic understanding of environmental science and climate change. And discover what factors besides carbon emission levels play a part.

  • Develop your leadership skills. Be able to influence and convince people who may be in the dark about certain aspects of sustainability to take action now.

  • Create a problem-solving mindset while identifying opportunities for change.


Are you interested in developing your own sustainability skills? Stay tuned for the courses.


Blog article written by: Sylke Bauerschmidt and Benthe Schuurman.


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