Simplify ESG, Sustainability, and DEI reporting

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– 2 to 4 hours
– Online

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– Introduction video
– Three theory video modules
– Six case studies
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sustainability reporting - key learnings

What you will learn:

  • How you could simplify your sustainability, ESG, and DEI reporting and why that matters.

  • How to create reporting that serves the needs of all your stakeholders.

  • How to reduce reporting effort and cost.

  • Sustainability skills that improve your career in any industry or country.

sustainability reporting - hands on computer

Easy learning from best-practice examples:

  • Learn from best practices case studies from our reporting research.

  • Learn the easiest and best way to report sustainability, ESG, and DEI.

  • Learn how to become a sustainability professional.

Skills you will gain: sustainability reporting, sustainable business, sustainability metrics, ESG frameworks, ESG reporting, ESG targets, DEI reporting.

sustainability reporting - learnings, modules

Course modules in detail:

  • The state of sustainability management and reporting today

    • A brief history of sustainability reporting
    • Why there are so many “standards”, frameworks, ratings, and rankings today
    • Why the current state of sustainability management is not enough to achieve urgently needed emission reductions, transparency, and independent verification of scientifically defined targets.
  • How simplification makes sustainability reporting better and saves time and money

    • Your stakeholders prefer less but better metrics.
    • Your stakeholders need quantified and verified data that is easily accessible.
    • Learn how to report only 21 core metrics that are: aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals; defined with committed, realistic, and sufficiently ambitious targets; measured and reported as quantified data; and based on existing global reporting requirement standards.
  • How the alignment of your goals, targets, and metrics drives progress and impact

    • Why companies should intertwine business and sustainability strategy.
    • Why integrated reporting is simpler and better.
    • Why business=sustainability and sustainability=business.

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