Whatever you need, we have the right ESG management solution for you!

Trusted.one Sustainability Central:

  • offers data, knowledge and collaboration easily integrated all in one place.
  • offers flexibility with three configurations: Start, Progress and Innovate.
  • every organisation can use Start to begin with ESG reporting for free.

  • manages your quantified ESG metrics to help your organisation report its sustainability performance and progress.

  • empowers your employees and stakeholders with independently verifiable sustainability data.
  • meets the needs of sustainability leaders with the ambition to define today what the future sustainable value creation organization will look like.
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Sustainability Central: everyone aligned and everything interrelated

Sustainability Central “Start”

  • For small and mid-size organisations that are new to sustainability reporting and want to make the simplest possible and most impactful start, and organisations that have started reporting but want to reduce reporting cost and effort.

  • Plan, prepare and produce sustainability data and reporting using intelligent knowledge graph technology.
  • Ready to start teamwork with three user licenses and unlimited knowledge sharing and collaboration with the Circle of trust.

  • Read more about the Sustainability Baseline software.

  • Pricing: Free for every organisation that is reporting sustainability


Powerful value enhancing extensions

  • Online short and masterclass courses to develop essential sustainability skills with unique hands-on learning experience.

  • ESG reporting assistant for the topic areas: People, Planet, Principles of Governance and Prosperity, that help organisations plan and prepare ESG reporting including workflows for teamwork.

  • Engage your organisation broadly with additional collaboration capabilities to direct energy towards achieving your goals and targets.

  • Skill your workforce on your sustainability strategy and how they can contribute with measurable ROI.

Sustainability progress matters to all organisations.

Sustainability Central “Progress”

  • Sustainability performance becomes both a risk and competitive factor for most organisations. Our software guides you to set aspirational yet achievable targets and to deliver above average or better progress and ESG performance.

  • The software guides your sustainability target setting, supports you with progress and performance benchmarking, and comes with enhanced collaboration capacity and features.

  • We revolutionise your sustainability management teamwork because our software levels-up your static document-based ESG-approach to an intelligent and easily accessible knowledge system.

  • Read more about Sustainability Progress software

  • Pricing is based on your organisations sustainability scope.

Value enhancing extensions:

  • Engage your organisation broadly by adding collaboration capacity

  • Compliance reporting for additional regulatory frameworks possible
  • Automation and inbound and outbound ESG data integration for scope-2 and scope-3 integrated reporting

  • Combine your free subscription with our online skills training and or Sustainability Academy courses from our Circle of trust partners.

  • Skill your workforce on your sustainability strategy and how they can contribute with measurable ROI.

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