It is no longer a matter of if but rather a matter of how to make faster and better progress.

Most people understand that it is urgent that we improve sustainability fast. Most business leaders understand that this requires deep, complex and difficult transformation of key parts of their business that touches pretty much every single aspect of products, services and operations. To succeed we must find a way to achieve the broadest possible engagement of all stakeholders in this transformation.

Guiding the sustainability transformation with data, knowledge and collaboration.

The challenge to achieving material progress fast enough to protect the planet from irreversible catastrophe is bigger than any individual person, company or organisation. It is understood as essential that scientist collaborate globally to develop a rigorous body of knowledge about the impact of human activity on the planet. Now is the time that we apply similar global determined action through collaboration. When we decided to create the next level of sustainability reporting and management solution, we learned from working with our ecosystem partner how strong the power of collaboration is. Our digital agency Greymen&co from Amsterdam listened carefully and put us on the path to envision and build the Circle of Trust – a global community of sustainability solvers.


Creating momentum and impact through global collaboration.


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