The future of ESG, Sustainability, and DEI reporting

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sustainability reporting - key learnings

What you will learn:

  • You will learn why governments, regulators, and company stakeholders, in general, are imposing stricter formal and voluntary requirements on sustainability-related company disclosures.

  • You will learn what the common characteristics are of the reporting requirements to prepare and adapt your company reporting timely.

  • You will learn how to improve reporting and save time and cost, by reporting a smaller number of sustainability metrics of better quality and focusing on ESG and DEI data management.

sustainability reporting - hands on computer

Easy learning from best-practice examples:

  • Learn from best practices case studies from our reporting research.

  • Learn from companies that are already making future-proof sustainability disclosures.

  • Learn how to become a sustainability professional with future-proof skills.

Skills you will gain: sustainability reporting requirements, sustainable value creation, sustainability measurement, ESG, SDG, and DEI data management.

sustainability reporting - learnings, modules

Course modules in detail:

  • A short history and overview of sustainability reporting frameworks, standards, and regulations

    • Closer module information coming soon
  • Understanding the concept of material and quantified ESG and DEI metrics and how these matter to your business and stakeholders

    • Closer module information coming soon
  • How to select sustainability reporting frameworks, standards, and metrics for your business

    • Closer module information coming soon

All Skills Courses (videos) can be booked separately.

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