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Our Mission

Empower all company stakeholders with skills, and intelligent ESG/DEI data technology to achieve sustainability.

Our Vision

Making people the driving force of the transition to the sustainability of companies, societies and the planet.

With ChatGPT, any stakeholder can analyse all your sustainability information and data, in a historical and competitive context, in no time.

Accelerate sustainability
with ChatGPT

Reporting compliance
with ChatGPT

Reduce reporting cost
with ChatGPT

Learn essential and in-demand Sustainability and ChatGPT skills

1. You learn how to use ChatGPT for Sustainability
2. You learn how ChatGPT helps to standardize reporting
3. You learn how ChatGPT can help to improve stakeholder relations

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Learn how we use ChatGPT to analyse the effectiveness of sustainability reporting and the best practices we discovered

We researched sustainability disclosures from over 100 global companies of all sizes and across multiple countries and sectors. In our courses, you will learn how we use ChatGPT for this research and what the best practices are for impactful and effective sustainability reporting.


ChatGPT can help Sustainability professionals in many ways:

  • ESG and DEI data management
  • Reporting quality and consistency
  • Compliance management
  • Supply Chain data alignment and integration
  • Stakeholder management
  • Risk management
  • Opportunity development

Learn how to use ChatGPT for Sustainability and your career.

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AI Technology is essential to accelerate progress to the Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that it is only possible to achieve the SDG, Climate Change, and the transitions of companies to sustainability if all stakeholders work together towards a common goal: The transition to sustainable business. ChatGPT and AI technology have unprecedented potential to reach a better future faster.

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